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Portable Atlas (PAT) {Featured Site}

DIYHsr Featured Site

Whereas we believe the best way to learn geography is in relation to something (history, literature, current events, etc.) so that the child has context and a motivating interest, we’re always on the lookout for great map sources. Well, here is one of the most complete world geography resources that we’ve found to date: PAT — a free, open source, portable atlas.

PAT is really software that provides an interactive map. You’ll want to read the about page to get the most from the site.

Here are a few favorite features:

  • Includes some typically hard-to-find countries.
  • Region Maps
    A nice variety of regional maps.
  • World Maps
    Several options including a do-it-yourself option.
  • Planets drawn to scale.
  • Maps are available in high-contrast colors for viewing and traditional colors for printing.
  • Free!
    All of the maps are free and in the public domain. (Please read the license for distribution information.)

Sure, nothing beats a globe for that initial investigation — but globes don’t fit in notebooks!

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