The Tutor: Practical How-Tos

The Tutor: Practical How-Tos

The Tutor: Practical How-Tos

Here are a few of those subject-by-subject links to practical how-tos for tutors:


When it comes to reading we tend to try every phonics program out there before landing on one that will work, when what probably really happened was that our child was finally ready to read!

Teach a Child to Read: The Natural Way
These ideas were primarily taken from A Home Start in Reading.

Book Study: The Little Red Hen {Free eBook & Activities}
A book study that attempts to show how to apply the lessons above to books you already have on the shelf!


Language Arts

One area where we extensively used ideas from Dr. Beechick was in the area of writing. I think she had it exactly right. We tend to put too much reliance on the book instead of just encouraging our children to write!

30 Narration Ideas
Narration is one of the first steps toward writing.

Activity: Tracing
Pulls ideas primarily from A Strong Start in Language.

Activity: Copying
“Just as the child learned to speak by copying your correct speech, so he learns to write by copying fine writing.” Ideas from A Strong Start in Language.

8 Writing Activities for the Younger Student
Ideas that promote learning to write by writing.

The Fox and the Grapes: A Mini Unit Study
A unit that draws on  A Strong Start in Language and shows how to apply the principles to any book.

10 Steps to Build a Better Speller
Some ideas designed to build the habit of focus when it comes to spelling. Once the focus is established commonly misspelled words, such as the list in You Can Teach Your Child Successfully, can be added to the mix.

16 Tips: Building a Better Writer
Ideas that focus on the connection between reading and writing as mentioned in You Can Teach Your Child Successfully.

14 Forms of Writing for the Older Student: Complete Series
An ongoing series that currently covers outlines, short stories, how-to essays, biographies, autobiographies, limericks, letters, character sketches, book reviews, and news stories.



Arithmetic for Young Children {Free eBook}
A free book that follows the three modes of thinking about arithmetic mentioned in An Easy Start in Arithmetic.



While textbooks tend to turn children off of history, real books and engaging units can turn them on to history.

10 Elements of Engaging History Studies
Ways to keep history engaging and real!



When it comes to science, young children need to learn to think, ask questions, and understand scientific concepts. This can be accomplished through biographies of scientists, and books that present a scientific concept followed up with experiments that demonstrate the concept.

All types of resources that attempt to do just that!