Victory Garden Project ~ Free Unit Study

Victory Garden Project ~ Free Unit Study
Victory Garden Project ~ Free Unit Study

During World War II, one of the ways that those at home supported our troops abroad was by planting victory gardens. The gardens not only helped to ensure that our troops did not run out of food, but also helped to stretch the food during rationing at home. By 1944 these gardens were producing 40% of all of the vegetables grown in the United States!  The Victory Garden Project, sponsored by the National World War II Museum, attempts to teach students about life during World War II through gardening.

In this unit, you have the option of trimming your study to one day, one week, one month, or one year.  Or, if time isn’t an issue, you can delve right in and examine all of the options covering:

  • Community.
  • Geography.
  • Citizenship.
  • Science.
  • Writing.
  • Health.
  • Art.

All of the 30 lessons are available as downloadable PDFs and include:

  • Money and rationing.
  • Longitude and latitude.
  • Seasons and weather.
  • Values and symbols.
  • Technological growth.
  • Parts of a plant.
  • Food pyramid.
  • Stems.
  • Seeds.
  • Posters that encourage.
  • Many, many more!

As background to the lessons, you’ll want to read the WWII Overview, WWII Homefront, and Victory Garden Facts pages.  Students will also enjoy the WWII Timeline (requires Adobe Flash).

Many of the printables will help to make a great culminating notebook!

Additional Resources

Fenway Victory Gardens
A satellite view of the oldest remaining community victory garden in the United States.