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You Are What You Think

You Are What You Think

More to think about when it comes to being deliberate:

There are people now who are, no doubt, mulling over the ambitions that they have for the coming year, the achievements that they would like to accomplish in the coming year, the direction they would like to see their life take. But before you ever get to those kinds of things, there are some other things that you need to think about in terms of creating a structure and a paradigm for how you live your life as a Christian….

[I]t is true that as you think, so you are, and thinking appropriately about yourself as a Christian is essential if you’re going to be what God wants you to be. You need to sort of hit the reset button and reaffirm what it is that you’re committed to as you move ahead.

Dr. John MacArthur

These things pulled from 1 Peter are foundational for a Christian when setting informed goals for the new year.

Watch the video, download the audio, or print the transcript — and be deliberate!