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Eat Smart Health & Nutrition Curriculum {Free}

Eat Smart Health & Nutrition Curriculum {Free}

Eat Smart Health & Nutrition Curriculum {Free}

Looking for an easy way to teach basic health and nutrition?  The LSU College of Agriculture has made the Eat Smart Nutrition study curriculum used for their nutrition certification program available for free!

The health and nutrition curriculum is divided into six different sections:

  • Basic Nutrition
    Covering dietary guidelines and the food pyramid.
  • The Nutrients
    Proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, etc.
  • Stretching Your Food Dollars
    Menu planning and food labels.
  • Nutrition & Chronic Disease
    Heart disease and cancer (the link for diabetes is inactive).
  • Nutrition & the Life Cycle
    Nutrition needs throughout our lives.
  • Food Safety
    Purchasing, storing, preserving, and safe handling practices.

Printable lessons, summaries, and pre/post tests are available for each section.  You will also find a few lab activities and web assignments scattered throughout.

Eat Smart Recipes are available to “help you plan meals and prepare tasty, low-cost foods.”  Most of the recipes include calorie, fat, and dietary fiber information per serving.

The Eat Smart Health and Nutrition Curriculum is an extensive investigation into health and nutrition — and it’s free!

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