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A Christmas Carol (Enriched Classics) {Free eBook}

A Christmas Carol (Enriched Classics)

A Christmas Carol (Enriched Classics) {Free eBook}

Each year we re-read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Update: The Enriched Classics version of this title is no longer available as a free eBook. Obviously, the original book is in the public domain.

The Enriched Classics version includes a introductory chronology of Charles Dickens’s life and work, and background information on the historical setting of A Christmas Carol.  Inline links take you to interpretive notes that are helpful for explaining some of the terms of Dickens’s time that might not be so familiar in ours, for example:

  • Stave.

    Dickens divided this work into staves, instead of chapters, just as a composer would divide a song or carol into saves (i.e., verses or stanzas).

  • ‘Change.

    The Royal Exchange.  In other words, Scrooge has good credit with the bank.

Some may find the links a distraction, but others will appreciate the help in understanding the story and the wit, which might otherwise be lost on those unfamiliar with the vocabulary.

For those interested, questions for discussion are included that can be used as narration prompts.

No one can turn a phrase the way Dickens can.  Enjoy this Christmas favorite right along with our Dickens A Christmas Carol unit study — free.


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Dickens A Christmas Carol: A Unit Study
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