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Christmas Lapbooks $1 {Cyber Monday Only}

Christmas Lapbooks $1 {Cyber Monday Only}

Hands of a Child is offering all of their lapbooks and notebooking packs for only $1 on Cyber Monday — that’s today!  This is a great time to pick up quality Christmas lapbooks or any of their notebooking or lapbooking packs.

Here are some of the resources that we recommend:

Hands of a Child Lapbooks 50% Off+ {Time Limited}Sled Dogs Lapbook
Includes an 11-page Research Guide and 15 hands-on activities to help your student learn the history, breeds, training, diet, and more about sled dogs.”  Geared toward Grades 3-8.
The Iditarod: A Unit Study

Get Ready to Garden Curriculum Free! {Time Limited}Get Ready to Garden! Project Pack
90-page download that includes a research guide, activities and reproducibles that help your child create a garden lapbook.
Gardening: A Unit Study

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales {Free eBooks}The Tale of Peter Rabbit: A Literature Unit Based on the Book by Beatrix Potter
Included in the 50-page download are discussion questions, recipes, information about rabbits and gardens, and 15 hands-on activities.
Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales {Free eBooks}

Water Cycle Poster & Placemat {Free!}Water Cycle Lapbook
50-page packet is highly rated.  Includes 10-page research guide, 16 hands-on activities and an extension activity.
Water Cycle Poster & Placemat {Free!}

Mary Cassatt: A Unit StudyMary Cassatt Lapbook
56-page Mary Cassatt Lapbook Project Pack includes a research guide and 17 hands-on activities covering the artist’s childhood, time in art school, life in Europe, creations, awards, and later years.  A timeline, collection, and a look at the Impressionists are also included.
Mary Cassatt: A Unit Study

Free History Studies: Benjamin Franklin {Part 1}Benjamin Franklin Lapbook
74-page download includes a 7-day lesson plan for completing 20 hands-on activities covering Franklin’s life and various roles.
Free History Studies: Benjamin Franklin {Part 1}
Free History Studies: Benjamin Franklin {Part 2}

Volcanoes: A Unit StudyVolcanoes Lapbook
60-page packet including 13-page research guide, recommended reading list, 20 hands-on lapbook activities covering volcano formation, the main parts of a volcano, types of volcanoes, four states of activity, eruptions, lava, monitoring active volcanoes, hazards, benefits, and historic volcanic eruptions.
Volcanoes: A Unit Study

Columbus Day: A Unit StudyChristopher Columbus Lapbook
77-page download includes background information and 18 hands-on activities covering Columbus, a route to Asia, the voyage, the crew, and Columbus Day, among other topics.
Columbus Day: A Unit Study

And several from our free nature studies:

Free Nature Studies: The Honey BeeHoney Bees Lapbook
This unit study includes a 10-day planning guide, reading list, research guide, and 23 hands-on activities covering anatomy, life cycle, hive, beeswax, communication, pollination, honey, beekeeping, and more.

Free Nature Studies: Bird GuardiansOwls Lapbook Project Pack
62-page download includes planning guide, research guide, reading list, and 20 hands-on activities covering owl anatomy, classification, types of owls, life cycle, habitat, migration, identification, diet, and much more.

Free Nature Studies: Working Like BeaversBeavers Lapbook
58 pages that includes research guide and 21 hands-on lapbook activities.


Free Nature Studies: A Story of the RocksRocks and Minerals
60-page packet that includes 16-page research guide covering types of rocks, the rock cycle, Moh’s hardness scale, and rock collecting, among other topics, and 20 hands-on/lapbook activities.