6 Tips for Creating a Workable Schedule

6 Tips for Creating a Workable Schedule

  1. Know what type of scheduler you are.  Some of us get hives thinking about blocking out each hour of time.  Others of us don’t feel that we accomplish anything without a timer going off every 15 minutes.  There is no one right way, nor a wrong way, to schedule.  Know what will work for you.
  2. Don’t let it rule you.  Keep your schedule your tool, not your master.  Create your schedule in pencil and have an eraser handy.  Tweak as necessary.
  3. Keep it simple.  Sometimes the best way to keep it simple is to break your schedule down into its smallest parts.  Start with the big picture — how many days you’ll go, when will school start, when will it end, and schedule in holidays.  Then add in any monthly commitments or plans (a favorite unit at Christmas, a trip out of town, planned field trips, or sports engagements).  Finally, take a look at the daily flow.  Start with one-on-one tutoring and other demands on your time, and then add in other activities one by one.
  4. Make room for those important-to-you things.  If you don’t schedule them, they won’t happen.
  5. Avoid interruptions.  Start with those things that you tend to be distracted by.  Create boundaries that protect the time you spend educating at home.
  6. Stick to it.  Your schedule is only an idea unless you implement it.