“The ABCs of Parenting”

"The ABCs of Parenting"

One of the biggies that really makes a difference in our homeschools is the atmosphere.  So many moms start out with great expectations of the enjoyment homeschooling will bring to the family only to be thwarted by discipline issues which make the entire experience spiral downward until Mom’s ready to send them back to school!

S.M. Davis offers great (and simple) advice in “The ABCs of Parenting” published in the free May/June 2014 digital issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine.  (Just enter page 20 in the navigation box at the bottom.  Free registration required.)

The advice boils down to:

  • Always win in training the child to obey.

    Our homes cannot be a constant contest of wills.  There has to be a parent.

  • Be gentle.

    We always have to have our child’s heart.

    I give you my observation after over 50 years of living and more than 30 years of being a pastor: the most truly successful parents are firm, but very gentle people.

  • Consistently be consistent.

    One that is a challenge for most of us.  And children can spot inconsistency and hypocrisy a mile away.

    Be at least as consistent in training your children as you are in working at your job.  You must be committed long-range to doing what you need to do as a parent.

In the end, our struggle as parents is between these three needs: always winning, while being gentle, and doing these things consistently.

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