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Lapbook & Notebooking Favorites “Pay What You Want” {Time Limited}

Lapbook & Notebooking Favorites "Pay What You Want" {Time Limited}

Now through July 9, you can download lapbook and notebooking favorites — at your own price!   “You set your own price for what you like to pay, then checkout!”

Included in the sale are a variety of materials we recommend throughout our site including:

Learning Across the USA
Lapbook & Notebooking Favorites "Pay What You Want" {Time Limited}117 pages of activities and information on the 50 states, including one notebooking page per state.  Information about each state, state identification activities, a jeopardy game, and other activities are included.  Recommended back in 2011 and still a great choice to go along with our state unit studies!

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales {Free eBooks}The Tale of Peter Rabbit: A Literature Unit Based on the Book by Beatrix Potter
Included in the 50-page download are discussion questions, recipes, information about rabbits and gardens, and 15 hands-on activities that go great with Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales — free eBooks for all of the tales but one.

Get Ready to Garden Curriculum Free! {Time Limited}Get Ready To Garden
A ready-to-assemble, hands-on unit that includes a research guide, activities, and reproducibles that help your child create a garden lapbook. Topics covered include plants, sun chart, step-by-step gardening, choosing a location, soil quality, DIY compost, preparing the soil, plotting the garden, choosing plants, garden safety, planting, tools, mulching, labeling plants, tending the garden, rain gauge, gardening journal, seed collection, harvesting, and winterizing, among others.  A suggested reading list is also included.  Perfect fit for our gardening unit!

Mary Cassatt: A Unit StudyMary Cassatt Lapbook
This 56-page Mary Cassatt Lapbook Project Pack includes a research guide and 17 hands-on activities covering the artist’s childhood, time in art school, life in Europe, creations, awards, and later years.  A timeline, collection, and a look at the Impressionists are also included.  Goes great with our Mary Cassatt unit.

Free History Studies: Benjamin Franklin {Part 1}Benjamin Franklin Lapbook
74-page download includes a 7-day lesson plan for completing 20 hands-on activities covering Franklin’s life and various roles.  Works well with the Benjamin Franklin lessons that are part of our free history studies.

Other In the Hands of a Child options that we recommend that are included in the sale:

Thanksgiving Lapbooks

Hands of a Child Lapbooks 50% Off+ {Time Limited}Sled Dogs Lapbook
Used in The Iditarod: A Unit Study



Volcanoes: A Unit StudyVolcanoes Lapbook
Used in Volcanoes: A Unit Study




Honey Bees LapbookFree Nature Studies: The Honey Bee in Free Nature Studies: The Honey Bee



Owls Lapbook Project PackFree Nature Studies: Bird Guardians in Free Nature Studies: Bird Guardians



Presidential Elections: A Unit StudyElection Lapbook Curriculum in Presidential Elections: A Unit Study



Beavers LapbookFree Nature Studies: Working Like Beavers in Free Nature Studies: Lesson XXV: Working Like Beavers I and Lesson XXVI: Working Like Beavers II



Water Cycle LapbookWater Cycle Poster & Placemat {Free!} in Water Cycle Poster & Placemat – Free



Rocks and MineralsFree Nature Studies: A Story of the Rocks in Free Nature Studies: A Story of the Rocks




Of course, there are many other publishers participating in the sale.  Browse the entire Independence Day Sale!