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Tornado Lapbook Free {Time Limited}

Tornado Lapbook Free {Time Limited}

We haven’t gotten to our tornado unit yet, but it’s on the list!  This week you can download Tornadoes: Learning Lapbook with Study Guide from A Journey Through Learning — free! — that will go very well with our upcoming unit study.

The 40-page download walks you through 14 tornado-related foldables that fit inside two regular manila folders.  The study includes background information and foldables for the following areas of study:

  • The ingredients of a tornado.
  • Where they are likely to occur.
  • Weather conditions that make tornadoes possible.
  • Different types of tornadoes.
  • A look at the tornado rating system.
  • Predicting tornadoes.
  • Creating your family tornado plan.
  • And several other areas of interest.

A cute tornado coloring page makes a great lapbook cover.

This tornadoes lapbook is a fun way to cover weather, or simply keep little hands busy this summer — and it’s free!