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Save 50%+ on Literature Guides & Notebooking Pages {Time Limited}

Save 50%+ on Literature Guides & Notebooking Pages {Time Limited}

Now through March 18th, quality literature guides from Progeny Press are marked 60% off and notebooking pages from Notebooking Nook are discounted 50%.

Literature Guides

Progeny Press has been around since 1992 providing parents with Christ-centered literature guides “teaching good cultural literature, examined from a Christian perspective.”  Progeny Press guides have a way of getting to the heart of the book.  These are not simply questions that recall facts, but questions that require deeper thinking, and therefore are wonderful resources that help us interact with literature.   But before you purchase, let me explain how we have used them with success.

These are not activity books in any way.  They geared toward guiding discussions and pulling insight out of the books.  This is a great thing — a step toward guiding our children into building the habit of interacting with what they read, and not just being entertained (passive reading).  Unfortunately, if we sit our children down with these guides and require them to fill in the blanks, we run the risk of completely turning them off of the exercise.  Instead, use the guide as YOUR guide, not the student’s.  Let it be your guide to narration prompts and discussions.  Then choose one or two of the questions to use as a prompt for that day’s writing exercise.

Book guides are available for many, many of our favorite titles — everything from Frog and Toad Together to Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


Notebooking Pages

Also on sale are notebooking sets from Notebooking Nook.  These are pages that require something from the student, so don’t necessarily expect a graphic organizer that the student can easily fill out.  Instead, you will primarily find themed pages that can be used for copywork, narrations, dictation, and other more writing-oriented activities.

Many of these pages we have recommended elsewhere on our site:

Save 50%+ on Literature Guides & Notebooking Pages {Time Limited}Great Inventors — Complete Set
Great set of pages for eleven different inventors.  Designed to go with the book of the same name, but are useful for our Robert Fulton, George Stephenson, and Thomas Edison units.

Horse Notebooking Pages
A nice addition to the horse section of our free Our Wonderful World Nature Studies that includes horse anatomy diagrams, among other pages.

Free Nature Studies: Spider WeaversSpiders Mini-Books
Another great find that goes with Spider Weavers and Spiders & Their Nests, also part of our free nature studies.

E.B. White: A Unit StudyCharlotte’s Web Notebooking Pages
A nice addition to our E.B. White Unit Study.

Countdown to Thanksgiving Mini Books
Great for Thanksgiving Holiday Helps.


And while you are there don’t forget the freebies:


Activity: Explore the FarmDown on the Farm
Wonderful addition to our Explore the Farm activity.

Bird Notebooking Pages {Free}Birds Notebooking Pages
You’ll find this free set recommended on many of our bird-related pages!