“How to Build a Storm-Proof Marriage”

"How to Build a Storm-Proof Marriage"

When you’ve been married nearly 27 years, you tend to have weathered quite a few storms.  And the most painful lessons, for some of us, come out of those storms that have brewed up out of our own sin and rebelliousness.

All marriages will face trials, and homeschooling simply adds another potential area of stress.

Problems and difficulties are a natural part of marriage. When two people live so closely together, conflict is inevitable. The good news is that these difficulties don’t have to ruin your marriage. It is possible for every Christian couple to build a marriage that will weather the storms of life, regardless of what those storms might be.

“How to Build a Storm-Proof Marriage” is a sermon preached by S.M. Davis that has been edited and adapted to appear in the current issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine.

The article focuses on elements we need to have in our marriage to weather the storms, such as:

  • humility,
  • communication,
  • unconditional love,
  • acceptance and praise,
  • a willingness to work at it,
  • a willingness to change, and
  • the realization that marriage is a covenant with God, not just a contract between two fallible people.

The storms will come.  So build on The Rock.

To access the complete article, visit the January/February 2014 digital issue of Home School Enrichment and type in page 20 in the navigation box at the bottom.  (Free registration required.)