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Interactive Flip Book Maker {Free}

Interactive Flip Book Maker {Free}

Interactive Flip Book Maker {Free}

Flip books are a visual way of recording and illustrating processes and systems that can be broken down into parts.  This interactive flip book maker at ReadWriteThink allows students to write and illustrate flip books up to ten pages long, and then print out their book.

Setting up your flip book is easy.  First, decide what you will put on each page. If you don’t need all ten pages, then the first page can be the title page.  Create a label for each page of your flip book.

Next, choose one of the nine page templates from the tool box to lay out your page.  There are several text tools that will format the font, and background tools that can be used to change the background color of the page.  Drawing tools help you illustrate the page.

Use the page navigator to follow the same process for each page of your flip book.  Then when you are all done, print!

The printed pages show you where to cut and staple.  The result is an 8″ x 11.5″ flip book.

Writing things down has a way of committing them to memory.  And having our students create a flip book about a concept helps them remember the fundamentals!

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