d’Aulaire’s Abraham Lincoln ~ Review & Go-Alongs

d'Aulaire's Abraham Lincoln ~ Review & Go-Alongs
d'Aulaire's Abraham Lincoln ~ Review & Go-Alongs

Abraham Lincoln by Ingri and Edgar d’Aulaire is one of our favorite titles from the gifted illustrators of other favorites such as Buffalo Bill, Pocahontas, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. Winner of the 1940 Caldecott Award, Abraham Lincoln tells of young Lincoln growing up in the wilderness of Kentucky, always with a keen desire to learn, but frequently moving and having little opportunity for formal education.

The book follows his path through Illinois and becoming a man of reputation, and relates his encounters with African-American slaves in the South, which left a lasting impression — one that would later guide his efforts in producing the Emancipation Proclamation.

This carefully researched story ends on this positive note: “He had done what he should do. He had held together the great nation brought forth upon this continent by his forefathers.”

As with the other books by the d’Aularies, Abraham Lincoln is a wonderful first introduction to a major historical figure. And like most classic children’s books, older students and adults will also find the book engaging.

Camping for weeks in Lincoln country, the d’Aulaires imbibed the spirit of the man Lincoln as well as his humor and good will. From his days as a clerk, teaching himself law reading Blackstone, practicing law in Springfield, running unsuccessfully for office, debating Stephen Douglas over the issue of slavery, and ultimately becoming President of the United States, the d’Aulaires have written and beautifully illustrated the life of one of America’s most remarkable citizens.

Abraham Lincoln continues to stand as America’s most beloved President. The admiration felt by Americans for Lincoln’s humble integrity, his noble statesmanship, and his keen sense of justice are beautifully captured in the d’Aulaires’ art and prose.

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  • The book follows Lincoln through all of the different twists and turns his life took, from backwoodsman, to clerk, to lawyer, and ultimately to President. Create a flowchart (or other graphic organizer) showing the path Lincoln’s life took.
  • Map the different locations the President passes through beginning with his birth in Kentucky.
  • Create a timeline showing the dates of major events.
  • Older students can create a list of the different events that formed Lincoln’s character, along with an explanation of how the events informed his decisions.
Additional Resources

Abraham Lincoln
Biography from WhiteHouse.gov.

Abraham Lincoln Timeline
From Apples4theTeacher.com.


Interactive Map Maker
Make your own maps following the suggestions above.

Interactive Timeline
Interactive at ReadWriteThink.org for creating your own Lincoln timeline.

Junior Ranger Booklet
Booklet for Junior Rangers with lots of Lincoln activities. “Explore, Learn and Protect Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park.”

Log Cabin Craft
Make a log cabin from a milk carton.

Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

Lesson Planner: Abraham Lincoln
23-page download from the National Park Service with background information, primary sources, songs, fun activities, and “Stovepipe Hat” graphic organizer.

Frontier Life Lesson Plan
Analyzes documents dealing with Lincoln culminating in a journal entry. Broken down for all student levels.

Abraham Lincoln: A Unit Study
Our own unit with further resources.

Printables & Notebooking Pages

Flow Chart
Graphic organizer for charting Lincoln’s various occupations.

20 Graphic Organizers
Other options.

Early American Primary Notebook Pages
Free download from Beautiful Feet Books that includes black-and-white illustrations from the book. Great for notebook! (The pages for Abraham Lincoln begin on page 24.)

Portrait for notebook.

Author Notebooking Pages {Free Download}

Author Notebooking Pages
Simple pages for recording information on the d’Aulaires including room for copywork, narrations, an illustration, dates of birth/death, and books by the author.

Drawing & Writing Notebooking Paper {Free Download}
For narrations, copywork, and illustrating and describing your favorite scene from the book.