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Thanksgiving Lapbooks {Price Reduced Time Limited}

Thanksgiving Lapbooks {Price Reduced Time Limited}As you probably realize, we think highly of In the Hands of a Child Project Packs.  Right now their Thanksgiving Lapbooks are on sale for $7 each (reduced from $10.99-$19.99).


Thanksgiving Lapbooks {Price Reduced Time Limited}Thanksgiving Lapbook
79-pages with research guide and 17 hands-on activities exploring the history, people, and symbols of the holiday.  Activities covered include why the Pilgrims left England, mapping the voyage, Squanto and his help, Native Americans, first Thanksgiving traditions, being thankful, the history of the Thanksgiving Day holiday, and recipes, among others.


Thanksgiving Lapbooks {Price Reduced Time Limited}Turkey Time Lapbook
37-page guide with 15 hands-on activities exploring Thanksgiving traditions and foods in five lessons.  Activities include making turkey magnets, and a Thanksgiving feast mini-book.



Thanksgiving Lapbooks {Price Reduced Time Limited}Pilgrims Lapbook
54-page project pack with research guide and 21 hands-on activities exploring what it was like to be a Pilgrim.  Includes background information and recommended reading list, and covers who the Pilgrims were, their original plan, the differences between Separatists and Puritans, the voyage on the Mayflower, the Mayflower Compact, Native Americans, and the first Thanksgiving, among other topics.


These lapbooks make a great addition to our Thanksgiving Holiday Helps!