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Hibernation Unit Study {Free}

Hibernation Unit Study {Free}

Hibernation Unit Study {Free}As the temperatures begin to fall birds start to find their way south, animals begin the process of adapting to the cold weather, and many homeschool families start to hibernate inside.  Perfect time to learn about hibernation!

“Wake Up and Learn About Hibernation!” is a unit study by Elece Hollis that originally appeared in Homeschool Enrichment Magazine.

The unit study covers researching animals and the ways they adapt to the cold weather, investigation questions to research-and-find-out, thoughts and discussions for older students on biology and ethics issues, charting the effects of hibernation, discovering hibernation-related passages in the Bible, reading books, learning new vocabulary, and completing a hibernation project.

Activities include:

  • Making an animal notebook including their hibernation habits.
  • Writing an essay.
  • Writing a story.
  • Making charts.
  • Creating a hibernation calendar.
  • Copywork.
  • Reviewing books.
  • Preparing a report.

“Wake Up and Learn About Hibernation” makes a perfect foundation to hibernation studies — and it’s free!


Further Investigation

Snug in the Snow
Information on hibernation from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Hibernation Plus!
ThinkQuest that includes information on the various ways animals adapt to winter.

Animals in Winter
Find out what bald eagles, coyotes, squirrels, seagulls, and woodchucks do in the winter.

Bear Essentials of Hibernation
The things we learn from bears hibernating at PBS Nova.



Hibernating Animal Printouts
A list of animals that hibernate with link to a corresponding coloring page at  Great for notebook!

Paint and Make Winter Animals
Interactive at



Hibernation Unit Study {Free}Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft
A Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out Science book about what different animals do as the weather begins to turn cold. Nicely illustrated and informative read for younger children.  Family favorite!


Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

What Do the Animals Do in Winter?
Simple and brief lesson plan at Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom. Read about the various ways animals prepare for winter.  Includes writing prompts for wrapping up and recommended book.

Do Not Disturb!
A lesson on hibernating and migration from Florida State University.


Notebooking & Printables

Hibernating Animal Printouts

Which Animals Hibernate?
Free printable at Teachers Pay Teachers (free registration required).

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