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Favorite Columbus Books & Resources

Favorite Columbus Books & Resources

Favorite Columbus Books & Resources

What is it about homeschooling that makes us cycle through Columbus and the Pilgrims nearly every year? My poor children have read dozens of books about Columbus over the course of their homeschool years, rather out of proportion to any other figure or event in history! Every new year seemed to always begin with…Columbus.

So we have read just a few books about the European discoverer of America. And here are our favorite Columbus books:

  1. Favorite Columbus Books & ResourcesColumbus by Edgar Parin and Ingri d’Aulaire
    One of our favorite series for young people. Historically accurate and incredibly illustrated — perfect first book on Columbus!
  2. I Discover ColumbusI Discover Columbus by Robert Lawson
    From the same author as Ben and Me, this is the story of Columbus as told by his parrot. A fun read.
  3. The True Story of Christopher Columbus by Elbridge S. Brooks
    This public domain book takes a more serious tone and makes a great “second pass” book.
  4. The Young Archer by Charles E. Brimblecom
    A recent favorite, action-packed addition. Free.
  5. “The Sea of Darkness and the Great Faith of Columbus”
    Chapter from This Country of Ours by H.E. Marshall. The stories of Columbus continue through Chapter IV.
  6. “The Letter of Columbus to Luis De Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery (1493)”
    Primary source document from American Historical Documents for the older student.


Additional Resources

Christopher Columbus Lapbook and Notebook Study
Free 27-page download from with foldables and notebooking pages that go with any Columbus study (scroll down).

Columbus Day Notebooking Pages
Free 15-page download from with plenty of options for copywork, narrations, or wrapping up a Columbus Day study.

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