One Overlooked Key to Homeschool Success

One Overlooked Key to Homeschool Success
One Overlooked Key to Homeschool Success

One overlooked key to homeschool success? Find a mentor!

When we initially made the decision to homeschool, we didn’t know anyone else braving the same trail. You have to remember that this was back in the day when homeschooling was not as common as it is today. Most people at that time did not know someone else who educated their children at home. And while we did receive quite a few questions, they were usually from the interested, or the curious, not the condemning.

Since we were alone in our educational endeavors, the Internet ended up becoming an incredible resource! There at our fingertips were people who were doing this — with YEARS of experience — with GRADUATES!!  Though they (mostly) to this day have never heard of us, we know them. They were our guides, our inspiration, our encouragers, … our mentors.

Some we “met” through forums or e-mail groups, others we “met” through their websites that lovingly detailed their walk — pointing out possible pitfalls, wonderful resources, different ways to think about things, and always keeping the main thing the main thing. Still others we “met” through their books. You’ll locate many of them through our Recommended Reading.

One thing I noticed at the time is that those who were about where I was could offer empathy and suggestions; but it was the veterans who really made an impact. They had walked that walk, and could offer sound advice from experience. A mentor, almost by definition, is someone older than we are — or at least someone further along on the path.

These days it is hard to find someone still in the homeschooling world who is older than I am! But they do exist, and I still find their writings of great benefit.

So grab a mentor … and keep your homeschool journey on the path to success. Oh, and when you get to the end of your journey, don’t forget to hang around a while to help someone else up.