Millet: Masterpieces in Colour {Free eBook & Go-Alongs}

Millet: Masterpieces in Colour {Free eBook & Go-Alongs}
Millet: Masterpieces in Colour {Free eBook & Go-Alongs}

Millet by Percy Moore Turner is part of the Masterpieces in Colour Series. This book featuring the work of Jean François Millet is a favorite.

The background of the artist, the history of the time, and other artists contemporary to Millet are all interwoven with the paintings themselves — helping us clearly see the influences on a particular work. Eight full-color plates are included.

Written at a higher level than we usually see in biographies of this sort, this book can be used by older children or, better yet, as a family read-aloud. The depth of the discussion in helping us analyze the work of the artist is worth the extra effort.

Free eBook
  • There are six chapters. Read one chapter each week for a well-rounded six-week study that gives students time to really become acquainted with the artist.
  • After each reading ask your child to narrate (repeat back to you in his own words) what was read. Older students can provide a written narration.
  • Several comparisons are made in the text (for example, the work of Millet to that of Pieter Brueghel the Elder or Rousseau). Make a compare/contrast page featuring the differences and similarities between these artists.  (The book provides great help with this.)
  • There are eight works of art included in the book. Choose six to study more closely, one work of art each week. You’ll find helps for studying a work of art below.
  • Create a Millet notebook, or add Millet to your artist notebook.

Further Investigation

Jean-Francois Millet
Biography from the National Gallery of Art.

7 Ideas for Picture Study
Ideas for studying a work of art.

8 Ways to Easily Teach Art Appreciation
More ideas for studying a work of art.

Selected Works

Man With a Hoe

The Angelus

The Gleaners

The Sower

Woman Baking Bread

Going to Work


Activity: Compare & Contrast
Helps for the suggestion above.

Garden of Praise: Jean-Francois Millet Artist
Biography and several activities aimed at kids from

Jean-Francois Millet – The Gleaners
Interactive coloring page that you can print at


Jean Francois Millet by Estelle M. Hurll
Free public domain work that includes a timeline and a discussion of several of his more famous works.

“Jean-Francois Millet”
Poem by Florence Earle Coates.

Unit Studies & Lesson Plans

I Am a Hard Worker
Lesson plan for younger students analyzing Man With the Hoe.

Notebooking Pages
Artist Notebooking Pages Set {Free Download}

Artist Notebooking Set
Simple pages for drawing or narrating a work of art and documenting the artist and his works.

Millet Notebooking Pages
Simple pages for copywork, narrations, or wrapping up.