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Summer Fun Activity: Summer Memory Jar

Summer Fun Activity: Summer Memory Jar

Summer Fun Activity: Summer Memory Jar

When the summer ends, the school supplies are brought back out, and the pencils are all sharpened…is the first thing your child looks forward to that “What I Did This Summer” report?  I think not.  Try something new!  Make a summer memory jar!

This Martha Stewart memory jar idea can easily be adapted to hold special things that were collected over the entire summer — memories in the making.  Anything that fits in the size of jar you use is a possibility:

  • Rocks.
  • Sand.
  • Photos.
  • Miniature model of a real object visited.
  • Preserved insects.
  • Dried flowers.
  • Coins.
  • Stamps.
  • Tokens.
  • Wrappers.
  • Tickets.

The list is truly endless.

Then instead of taxing a child with that ridiculous report, just ask him to use his summer memory jar to provide you with an oral or written narration.  Think of the enthusiasm he’ll have for explaining the meaning behind those special treasures he collected all summer!

  • To make the project even more special, keep a labeled jar for each year!

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