Summer Fun Activities

Summer Fun Activity: Tying Knots!

Summer Fun Activity: Tying Knots!

When it gets too hot to stay outside, and little hands are looking for something to do, keep them busy tying knots!

Knot {sorry} only great for keeping the antsies out, but young people learn a valuable and practical skill! Knotty applications transcend all gender boundaries: fishing, crosstich, boating, macrame, hitches, sewing, and rafting, for example.

Why learn to tie knots?

  • Knotting will help you in endeavors you already enjoy….
  • It will also help you get involved in new activities….
  • Knotting is a useful skill in many crafts….
  • You will learn how to tie safer knots that won’t untie under duress.
  • You’ll react better if you need to tie a knot in an emergency.
  • You’ll find more uses for rope, like securing cargo to your bicycle….
  • You’ll be able to rely on cordage to make a variety of repairs.

Randy Penn, The Handy Book of Knots

  • Start where your child is.  If he or she has never before tied a knot then start with a simple overhand knot (think tying shoes).
  • Have your child carry a section of rope in his pocket.  He can practice his knot-tying skills during down times.
  • Have him explore several different types knots and understand how they are used.  This familiarity with a variety of applications will help him understand how practical his new skill is.
  • Invite him to tie the knot when an application presents itself.
  • Be sure to keep it fun!  Don’t require…inspire!


Additional Resources

Standard Shoelace Knot
We all have to start somewhere…

The Six Boy Scout Knots
Perfect for beginning knotters.

All Lower-Rank Knots
5-page merit badge download showing how to bind two objects, join a line, hitch, lash, and much more!

When to Use Knots and Lashings
More instructions.



Learn to Tie Knots
Interactive showing a step-by-step how-to for several different knotting applications.

Wedding Knots
Tie knots with dough for a fun (but yummy) stretch!  From Martha Stewart.



Summer Fun Activity: Tying Knots!The Knot Book by Geoffrey Budworth
Great place to start with instructions for tying 100 (60 in our 2004 edition) common knots, including their use.

Summer Fun Activity: Tying Knots!The Handy Book of Knots by Randy Penn
Subtitled “Useful Knots for Every Situation, Indoors and Out,” this is a good next step for learning “the art and orderliness” of learning to tie knots.  Step-by-step instructions for tying over 100 useful knots, along with background history, useful information about ropes, experimenting with knots, and glossary.

Summer Fun Activity: Tying Knots!The Everything Book of Knots by Randy Penn
Replacement for the book above  written by the same author (sans rope). But the author is a bona fide knot expert! Highly recommended.

American Boy’s Handy Book
Chapter IX of this book features knots, bends and hitches.  Free download.


Printables & Notebooking Pages

Step-By-Step Knots: 11 Basic Scout Knots
2-page printout perfect for notebook (and as a visual reminder).