10 Favorite How-Tos 2013

Ten favorite How-Tos from the archives:

1. Learn How to Play the HarmonicaLearn How to Play the Harmonica {Part 1}



2. 10 Ways to Use Notebooking10 Ways to Use Notebooking



3. 7 Ways to Mark a Book7 Ways to Mark a Book



4. 10 Steps to Build a Better Speller10 Steps to Build a Better Speller



5. 5 Ways to Develop a Better Thinker5 Ways to Develop a Better Thinker



6. Activity: Balancing a CheckbookActivity: Balancing a Checkbook



7. 15 Ways to Improve Concentration15 Ways to Improve Concentration



8. Activity: Using a CalendarActivity: Using a Calendar



9. Bloom's & Critical Thinking {Complete Series}Blooms & Critical Thinking



10. Writing Ideas: Complete the StoryWriting Ideas: Complete the Story