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Summer Fun Activity: Create Pure Water With a Solar Still

Summer Fun Activity: Create Pure Water With a Solar Still

Solar stills have long been used as a method of emergency water purification.  A hole is dug in the earth until damp soil is reached, or damp soil is placed at the bottom of a homemade still.  The hole or still is then covered with plastic.  As the sun shines through the plastic, the water evaporates from the soil and condenses on the plastic.  Since this water has evaporated and largely left impurities in the soil, it is pure water!

You can use this science fact of the water cycle to enjoy drinking pure water from your own solar still.

Mini Water Cycle from the Surfing Scientist is 6-page download that provides instructions and procedures for  easily making your own solar still.  The science behind the process is included.

The water cycle in action!  What a great way to keep ’em learning this summer!


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