Printable Paper {Featured Site}

DIYHsr Featured Site
DIYHsr Featured Site

What resource does the homeschool handy-mom use most?  Paper!

Binder filler paper, notebooking pages, forms, foldables, graph paper, calendars, daily planner paper…the list is endless!

Now, what to do when you don’t have exactly the right paper on hand?

Print it!

So without further ado, meet Printable Paper!  Offering over 1000 papers you can download and print…free!

Let’s take a look at all the site offers:

Lined paper — college-ruled, narrow-ruled, wide-ruled, landscape orientation, diary, journal, different-colored lines, letter templates, and story paper

Penmanship paper — various orientations and lines per page, colored lines, story paper, letter templates, and handwriting calendar sheets

Calligraphy paper — fine, medium, heavy, practice sheets, guide paper, italic, manuscript, script, and in a variety of orientations

Storyboard templates — over 50 different formats!

Comics — action illustrations and word templates in 20 different varieties

Printable lists — addresses, checklists, and a variety of to-do lists

Note paper — formatted for easy notetaking, or other list-making

Printable calendars — monthly, weekly, annual checklist, and perpetual calendars

Graph paper — over 100 varieties, along with these special categories:

Music paper — music staff, tablature, chord charts, music paper with a variety of staves and orientations, and staff/tablature paper

Printable teacher paper — attendance, lesson plan, grade book, student rosters, and seating charts (OK, homeschoolers probably won’t need that last one!)

Dot paper — with a variety of dots and orientations — great for geoboards!

Perspective grids — one-point, two-point and a variety of other options

Columnar pad paper — check registers, ledger, and other columnar paper with a variety of columns and orientations

Budgets — daily spending, weekly, monthly and yearly budget forms

Specialty paper — a variety of colored paper/lines, breadboard templates, LED sheets, door hangers, CD covers, and mileage calculator, along with these additional categories:


You can also view forms by the size of paper you’ll use — letter, legal, ledger, A4, or postcard.

What an incredible resource…and all free!