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Calendar Activity Set {Free}

Calendar Activity Set {Free}

Calendar Activity Set {Free}When we were teaching our children the calendar, we purchased a very nice wooden magnetic calendar similar to this one, to attach names, dates and holidays to as we kept track of each day.  For those who would prefer to avoid that expense, you’ll appreciate this free Calendar Activity Set from Montessori for Everyone (you’ll find the link under Months and Seasons).

This 4-page download includes a blank calendar grid, placeable numbers, month names, holiday badges, and instructions.

The pages are intended to be printed out and laminated.  Velcro then needs to be attached to each square of the calendar grid, with the contrasting piece on the back of the month, number, and holiday squares.

At the beginning of each month, your child can put the month title and corresponding dates on the calendar.  Then each day your child can place the correct number or holiday on the calendar.

If Velcro sounds like too much trouble, you can still use the calendar kit for writing on the numbers, cutting and pasting on the month titles, and gluing on the holidays.

This is a great resource for the do-it-yourself Homeschool Handy Mom — and it’s free!


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