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Bird Call Challenge {Free}

Bird Call Challenge {Free}How well do you know the birds in your area? Can you recognize them by their calls? Are you up to a bird call challenge?

Update: The bird call challenge link has not been working for a while, but we’re remaining hopeful. In the meantime, see if you can identify these four common bird calls!

eNature’s Bird Call Challenge is a nifty interactive that will test your bird call knowledge for those birds in your specific area!

Enter your zip code and choose all the birds or just the songbirds in your area. You will then be presented with a series of five bird calls with pictures and information for three possible birds that make that call. You select the bird you think is associated with that birdsong.

For an extra challenge, listen to all of the more than 550 bird calls!

The Bird Call Challenge is a fun way to wrap up after an outdoor bird study!


Additional Bird Resources

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Notebooking Pages

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Bird Notebooking Pages {Free}
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