Famous People Notebooking Pages {Free}

Famous People Notebooking Pages {Free}

Famous People Notebooking Pages {Free}Want a set of notebooking pages already set up for you? Visit Homeschool Helper Online for blank-line notebooking pages for famous explorers, inventors, missionaries, and American presidents.

Explorers include:

  • Leif Ericson
  • Erik the Red
  • William Clark
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Captain James Cook
  • John C. Fremont
  • Meriwether Lewis
  • Jacques Marquette

Inventors include:

  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Louis Braille
  • Thomas Edison
  • Albert Einstein
  • Ben Franklin
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • Samuel Morse
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Levi Strauss
  • Orville Wright
  • Wilbur Wright

Missionaries include:

  • William Booth
  • William C. Burns
  • William Carey
  • Amy Carmichael
  • Adoniram Judson
  • David Livingstone
  • Mary Slessor
  • Hudson Taylor

Presidents George Washington through Donald Trump are included, as well.

This is a handy pack of notebooking pages for the DIY Homeschool Handy Mom to have around!