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1922 Stanford Achievement Test {Free}

1922 Stanford Achievement Test {Free}

1922 Stanford Achievement Test {Free}

More for historical interest than seriously testing our children! The 1922 Stanford Achievement Test, Advanced Examination, Form A, for Grades 4-8 is available as a free download.

What type of things was an eighth grader required to know?

  • Paragraph meaning.
  • Sentence meaning.
  • Word meaning.
  • Arithmetic computation.
  • Arithmetic reasoning (word problems).
  • Nature study and science.
    • Who invented the cotton gin?
    • Where do we obtain rubber?
    • What is the function of the lungs?
    • Where is Calcutta?
    • What is a monsoon?
    • What is a fondant?
  • History and literature.
    • What story does “The Glass Slipper” remind us of?
    • When did Columbus make his voyage?
    • Who wrote Hiawatha?
    • How long were kings supposed to rule?
    • Who slayed Goliath?
    • Who wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”?
    • Who did Robert E. Lee surrender to?
    • What is the number of senators from each state?
    • Who betrayed Jesus?
    • What is the singular of “are.”
  • Language usage.
  • How to complete a dictation exercise.

Again, we don’t need to have our children take this test and score their results!  (You can read our ideas on evaluating.)  But the test does make enjoyable reading.  It is interesting to see what type of things they were learning in 1922.

There is no answer key, so you’ll have to create your own!

Free eBook:

  • For a change-of-pace, fun, spring-fever type exercise, use the test as an opportunity for your children to practice their math and language skills.  How far can they get?
  • Use the test as an opportunity for your children to research, and find answers to some of the questions they may not already know.

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