Interactive Map Maker {Free}

Interactive Map Maker {Free}

Interactive Map Maker {Free}

Looking for a great map resource?  Ah, but this one isn’t for you!

Super Map Maker offers a hands-on way for a student to interactively create a map for his project or notebook.  (And remember, he who does the work remembers the most!)

First, he selects the type of map he will need:

  • World Map.  Includes a world map, and maps of the continents, Middle East, Caribbean, Central America and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • USA.  Includes a U.S. map, a 13 colonies map, a U.S. regions map, maps for each of the 50 states, and maps for each U.S. region (such as Mid-Atlantic, and Great Lakes).
  • Countries.  Maps for several world countries such as France, China, and Canada.

Next, he is ready to modify the original blackline master.  There are tools that allow him to color, label, draw lines and erase.

There are also symbols that can be added along with a key he can create for his own symbols.

Must for a notebooking, homeschool handy-mom!