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Interactive Map Maker {Free}

Interactive Map Maker {Free}

Interactive Map Maker {Free}

Looking for a great map resource? Ah, but this one isn’t for you! Students can use this free interactive map maker to create notebooking pages.

Update: We really enjoyed the interactive mapmaker we originally posted. Unfortunately, the site was taken down and we have had so-so luck in replacing it … until now!

MapChart offers a hands-on way for a student to interactively create a map for his project or notebook. (And remember, he who does the work remembers the most!)

First, he selects the type of map he will need:

  • World map.
  • Continent.
  • Country.
  • United States.
  • Much more!

The options are nearly endless, including World War maps, and other maps by date. (For example, try this interactive USA historical map.)

Next, he is ready to modify the original. There are tools that allow him to color, label, and create a legend. He can also add patterns and scaling.

Once the map is created it can be downloaded for printing.

A helpful tutorial will get you started. A mobile app is also available.

Must for a notebooking, homeschool handy-mom!

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