Piano Lessons 4 Kids ~ Free

Piano Lessons 4 Kids ~ Free
Piano Lessons 4 Kids ~ Free

Every child should learn to play the piano — no matter their future plans or musical interest. And here is an easy way to provide piano lessons for your kids ~ free!

Playing the piano offers many benefits:

  • Coordination.
  • Concentration.
  • Mental acuity.
  • Enjoyment.
  • Relaxation.
  • An appreciation of hard work.
  • A foundation for any future lessons or interest in any other instrument.
  • A gift to share with others.

Joseph Hoffman, Director of the Hoffman Academy of Music in Portland, Oregon, also believes every child should have “a quality education in playing the piano.”  To fulfill this mission, he offers free quality piano lessons online at Hoffman Academy.

The Hoffman Method, based on research in child development and learning theory, teaches students to play both by ear and sight. It engages a child’s natural curiosity and creativity using a multi-sensory approach while providing the kind of training needed to reach a high level of musical proficiency. Its child-friendly teaching tools make deep, meaningful learning both easy and fun, and it creates well rounded musicians who will love making music throughout their lifetime.

Joseph Hoffman, Hoffman Academy

This is reminiscent of Dr. Ruth Beechick’s methods in teaching language, or Charlotte Mason’s ideas of educating the whole child.

If this sounds like something your family might be interested in, try a few lessons.  See if this method will work for your family.  The video lessons are completely free.  There are support materials that can be purchased, but particularly in the beginning, these are not necessary.  There are currently 80 free lessons posted.

You’ll also want to read his blog where you’ll find great ideas for listening to good music together, enjoying performances, inspiring instead of requiring, practicing, the careful use of praise, and other inspiring tips.

You can learn more about Mr. Hoffman at the Hoffman Academy of Music.