Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Applying

Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Applying
Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Applying

The Applying or Application level (Bloom’s Taxonomy) reflects the ability to apply what has been learned, or to use the information learned in a new way.

We often see this when we teach our children a new procedure for executing a family chore, and then to our joy and delight — they use it! Or as another example, your older student applies his knowledge of algebra to determine how much he will spend on gas to drive to the store.

There are a variety of ways to encourage application. In verb form:

  • Construct.
  • Make.
  • Sketch.
  • Draw.
  • Demonstrate.
  • Dramatize.
  • Implement.
  • Use.
  • Calculate.
  • Paint.
  • Chart.
  • Operate.
  • Act.

Here are a variety of activities you can use for the Applying or Application level:

  • Dramatize a recently-read story from history.
  • Sketch your favorite character from a book you have read.
  • Think of another time when an event occurred similar to one currently in the news.
  • Construct a model to show how a scientific principle works.
  • Apply a recent lesson from Scripture to your own life.
  • Point out a book where the main idea or theme is similar to another one you have read recently.
  • Create your own word problem similar to one you have recently encountered.
  • Use an artist’s method to create your own work.

The Natural Application

You have read aloud a favorite family book about knights, castles, and chivalry. Later in the day, you look out of the kitchen window and see your children acting out the story. Ah! Warmth to a mother’s heart! They are applying what they learned during a simple story reading. (And we are reminded of how important it is to select great literature!)

Most young people naturally act out stories, or build Lego models of a train they saw, or sketch a picture to represent something important to them.

Now that you have determined your child’s interest, provided him with books on his favorite subject, and asked him to tell you about his subject in his own words, it is time to see how he would like to apply what he has learned.

Depending on the subject matter, ask him to construct a model, make a costume, draw an illustration, write instructions for others, or dramatize an event.

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