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Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Remembering

Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Remembering

Bloom’s & Critical Thinking: Remembering

The Remembering or Knowledge level (Bloom’s Taxonomy) involves bringing to mind the information to be recalled. That’s it. Simple. Simple unless you have a difficult time remembering things, or the information to be remembered had little or no significance to you at the time you encountered it.

Remembering requires bringing back to mind something we have already memorized. When we think of memorizing we typically make it more difficult that it really needs to be. For example, there are favorite poems that we can remember line-for-line without trying. There are parts of a book that we can relate to others with perfect recall. So we can think of this as a simple cause and effect or input and output.

If we want something to be remembered, the mind will need to act on it in some way — even if that means simply enjoying it. Otherwise, if strictly memorizing without anything to hang the information on, we can expect the value to be very short term (remember it for a test, and forget it the next minute).

At this level, think like a reporter. Just the facts. Who, what, where, when, how. Or if you prefer verbs:

  • Read.
  • Recall.
  • Observe.
  • Arrange.
  • Memorize.
  • List.
  • Repeat.
  • Reproduce.
  • State.
  • Listen.
  • Ask.
  • Recognize.
  • Match.
  • Review.
  • Retrieve.
  • Locate.
  • Find.
  • Show.
  • Quote.

Here are a variety of activities you can use for the Remembering or Knowledge level:

The Natural Application

It is much easier to remember something that has relevance for us or that is important to us.

Determine what interests your child. What is he into at the moment? Help him pick out several books to read that deal with this interest.

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Additional Resources

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Math Flash Cards
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Create Flash Cards
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Memorizing: Yes, It Does Have Its Uses! ~ 5 Things to Memorize
Memorizing is a skill that can be developed very early.

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