Creating an Educational Bucket List

Creating an Educational Bucket ListThis is fun, isn’t it?  Finding excellent resources and books and units, worksheets, craft ideas, and other nifty elements to make our homeschool vibrant and exciting!  And you and I are learning more than we ever knew before — certainly more than we gleaned the first time around.

Amidst our pinning, and re-pinning, liking, and thumb-uping — we don’t want to lose focus of the wee things:

  • The wee hands that grab, caress, hug, pull, make, and find things we didn’t know existed.
  • The wee eyes that watch our every move.
  • The wee feet that run faster than we can keep up with.
  • The wee hearts that need our attention to guide them to the Shepherd that will guide them through life.

Explore our Educational Bucket List.  Let it start your mind thinking about those elements you want to include in your child’s day each day.

Build your own.

And keep it in front of you daily to remind you of those wee things….