Activity: Make Your Own ABC Book

Activity: Make Your Own ABC Book

Activity: Make Your Own ABC Book

Among the first booklets that were created in our home was an ABC book — a copybook with a carefully copied alphabet. By making his own ABC book, a child can learn the alphabet, practice handwriting, and learn the sounds the letters make. Besides, it’s a great keepsake for Mom!

A is for Apple.

B is for Ball.

C is for Cat.


  • Focusing on one letter per week, read aloud from several ABC books that feature the letter with corresponding pictures.  You could also show and name the pictures on a set of blocks like those pictured above.
  • Have your child then cut out pictures from magazines or other sources of objects that begin with the sound the letter represents.  These pictures can be pasted on a letter page making a collage that can fit into a notebook.
  • This activity works very well in conjunction with a focus on ABCs, using one letter per week.
    • Monday you can introduce the letter.  Using the alphabet keyword letter chart in the front of the notebooking pages (or one of your own), you’ll notice Aa is associated with apple.  So you can offhandedly point this out.  Have your child complete the first copywork page.
    • Tuesday read an alphabet book.  If you are using our personal favorite, The Amazing I Spy ABC (see resources below), then not only will you again be able to point out the apple (or better yet, have your child find the apple), but explore the several other A words on the page.
    • Wednesday can be another copywork page.
    • Thursday your child can do the activity described above, cutting out pictures of words that begin with the a sound and making his Letter A collage.
    • Friday can be another copywork day and wrap-up.


Additional Resources

The Amazing I Spy ABC by Ken LaidlawThe Amazing I Spy ABC
Our personal favorite ABC book.  “I spy with my little eye something beginning with …” begins each adventure.  A small window gives you a hint about one of the hidden objects on the next page.  “What is it?”  turn the page and find out.  You’ll also find several other objects that begin with the letter as well.

Beautiful Coloring Alphabet Notebooking Pages {Free}
Gorgeous set in several different varieties from Jan Brett.

Letter Printouts
Simple black and white pictures from Enchanted Learning.

ABC Book Maker {Free}ABC Book Maker {Free}
Interactive that helps you make your own ABC books.