“Intentional Homeschooling or Falling Through the Cracks?”

As the year starts, we typically have plans — I mean BIG plans.  But our plans (whatever size) will never get off of the ground if we are not intentional about implementing them.

All things that need to be done don’t get done unless we are intentional about them. What are those things you really want to do this year with your kids? What are those things that you say you want to keep as a priority in your homeschool?…

None of these things will happen unless we are intentionally making them happen. Good intentions mean nothing unless those good intentions become intentional actions. Intentional actions mean nothing if they don’t line up with what God desires for our lives.

Which brings me to the old adage, “How do you eat an elephant?… One bite at a time.”  If we intentionally spend time each day on those things we know we want to implement — even if it is only 15 minutes — we will make progress.  But we have to start!  We have to be intentional.

We don’t want to “wake up” in April and realize that we never did get to the fun things, or the important things, or even the promised things.

Sometimes a mother’s heart can break — not with the guilt of what we have done, but with the guilt of what we haven’t done….

Continuing to put off the things you really desire is like wandering in a “misty lowland” where your vision is cloudy. It’s truly time to intentionally get on your knees, then rise up to do the tasks God has called you to and created you for.

A good reminder as we start a new year!

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