Internet Surfing Tools ~ Free

Internet Surfing Tools ~ Free

Internet Surfing Tools ~ Free

If your young people (or you!) spend any time at all on the Internet, you’ll appreciate this free Internet content-blocking tool.

Free. Stable. Easy to install and configure. Two-thumbs up!  This app is platform-independent and works with Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Edge.

uBlock Origin is not an “ad blocker”, it’s a wide-spectrum content blocker with CPU and memory efficiency as a primary feature.


Out of the box, these lists of filters are loaded and enforced:

– EasyList (ads)
– Peter Lowe’s Ad server list (ads and tracking)
– EasyPrivacy (tracking)
– Malware domains

Works out of the box. Element blocking is as simple as right-clicking and selecting what to block.

Highly recommended!

Free Resource
  • uBlock Origin (scroll down for the plugin link for your browser)