Helps For New Homeschoolers: Find Your Own Way

Helps For New Homeschoolers: Find Your Own Way
Helps For New Homeschoolers: Find Your Own Way

I could do it too: give you a plan completely laid out from Kindergarten through 12th grade, covering every subject plus hand-picked and much sought-after electives, including all of the books you would need spelled out right down to the publisher, date, and edition.

I could hand you a list of dos and don’t dos to help you find your way through the plan.

I could even show you statistics and charts representing the results that you could expect — proof that it worked for our family, and other families who tried “The Plan.”

Don’t question my motives — they would be humbly sincere — just wanting to help others, to keep them from falling into the traps I fell into, give them a hand up from someone ahead of them, help them conquer that angst that we all have about doing it THE RIGHT way.

And I promise you — there WOULD be success stories! Families would step forward to praise THE PLAN and express their thanks that someone was there for them, to provide them exactly what they needed (never mind the multitude of tweaks, substitutions, deletions, additions, and down right threw-that-part-out modifications they had to labor through over the years).

But I’m not going to do it.

People seem to want to follow a guru, living or dead.

Ruth Beechick

Instead, I hope that this site helps you find your own way. Because, frankly, what will work for my family won’t work for yours. And even if I did personally know each of your children as well as you do, I couldn’t match their needs as well as their Creator working through you, their own hand-picked-by-God guidance counselor.

What I hope I can do, is help you build on a strong foundation, help you see that there are a multitude of ways of looking at what we label “education,” provide you with food for thought, ideas for inspiration, models to start with, resources to pull from, and, most importantly, encouragement. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts about finding your own way:

  1. Don’t buy into the often advertised concept that if you don’t use a particular program exactly as laid out, you are not really using their program, and they cannot guarantee the results. This often heard, shamefully intimidating, refrain can be found in the government school world, the textbook publisher world, and the online curriculum world. Folks, they can’t guarantee anything when it comes to YOUR children.
  2. Broaden your horizons. Understand what “learning” means. Redefine education.
  3. Educate yourself. You will not be teaching a classroom, but rather, tutoring your children. The standard way of doing things will likely not be the best approach. Open your eyes, heart and mind to the various educational options.
  4. For young children, focus on the skills they will need to learn the rest on their own: reading, writing, arithmetic. Science cannot be learned at such a young age — without the appropriate math! — however, nature studies, and a wide-variety of reading in the area of science will start to expand his world. The same idea applies to history. Read rich biographies.
  5. Realize that homeschooling is an art. Atmosphere and creativity are as important as facts and figures. Become proficient at practicing your craft.

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