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Summer: Yet 24 More Ways to Keep 'em Learning!

Summer: 30 Ways to Keep ’em Learning!

Summer: 30 Ways to Keep 'em Learning!

When June rolls around, it signals a change in pace, if not practice, for most homeschool moms. Whether we take a full course over the summer, or a big break, here are a few ideas to keep those young people learning!

  1. Learn how to play an instrument.
  2. Spend some time with Winnie-the-Pooh.
  3. Learn to draw.
  4. Play outdoor games.
  5. Visit the ocean.
  6. Learn about bees.
  7. Go on a nature walk.
  8. Fold paper into useful objects.
  9. Consult the handy book for summer pastimes.
  10. Create a rhyme.
  11. Enjoy Peter Rabbit and friends.
  12. Listen to the birds.
  13. Time something.
  14. Write a limerick.
  15. Explore bugs.
  16. Make popcorn.
  17. Enjoy a family read aloud.
  18. Cloud watch.
  19. Complete a story.
  20. Develop a new electronic interest.
  21. Measure something.
  22. Start a pizza garden.
  23. Read a story from history.
  24. Build and fly a kite.
  25. Enjoy a unit study as a family.
  26. Have fun with bubbles.
  27. Brush up on your algebra.
  28. Make a solar oven.
  29. Create a sun print.
  30. Make a summertime brochure detailing the fun things you did over the summer!

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