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A Review of Algebra {Free eBook}

A Review of Algebra {Free eBook}

A Review of Algebra {Free eBook}

Whether for college entrance exams, high school review or other study, A Review of Algebra by Romeyn Henry Rivenburg is a valuable resource for honing your algebra skills.

In most high schools the course in Elementary Algebra is finished by the end of the second year. By the senior year, most students have forgotten many of the principles, and a thorough review is necessary in order to prepare college candidates for the entrance examinations and for effective work in the freshman year in college.

This small book covers order of operations, factoring, exponents, ratios and progressions, quadratic equations, solving simultaneous equations, and radicals, among other topics, at lightening speed.

One page is considered a full lesson.

Problems are designated as originating from Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, MIT or the College Entrance Board, among other sources.

In the back of the book are college entrance exams, timed and not timed, from a variety of universities, that make excellent practice tests.

A student who progresses through these 80 pages over the course of  a summer will know his Algebra!

Free eBook

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