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Summer Fun Activity: Build a Solar Oven

Summer Fun Activity: Build a Solar Oven

Summer Fun Activity: Build a Solar Oven

Not only educational and fun, but building your own solar oven can provide tasty summer treats!

This free download from NASA explains how to build a simple solar oven out of a cardboard pizza box, some aluminum foil, and plexiglass.

Once you have completed your solar oven, enjoy hot dogs, or nachos or the S’mores recipe that is included in the instructions.

Your design challenge is:

Your solar oven must meet the following specifications:

1. It must have a “footprint” of no more than 40 cm x 40 cm.

2. In 10 minutes, the temperature inside the box must increase by 15 degrees C.

3. You may use any available materials to line the bottom and inside of box.

4. Your food may not touch the bottom of the oven directly. You must design a way to best cook 2 S’mores off of the bottom surface.

5. You must cook the two S’mores at two different heights. You will also test which height allows food to cook at a faster rate.

The download includes discussion questions and student printables for recording the experiment data. Great summer fun download!

Free Resource

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