Interactive Writing Tool {Free!}

Interactive Writing Tool {Free!}
Interactive Writing Tool {Free!}

Sometimes just seeing his work in print will spur a student to enjoy writing.  If your children are writing every day, and you are looking for this type of exciting twist, try this free interactive writing tool: ReadWriteThink Printing Press.

The printing press is an interactive application that will help your student create a newspaper, flyer, brochure, sign, or poster.  Each creation has several page-layout arrangements available.

After choosing an arrangement, your student can begin typing in his text.  The publication can be further personalized by modifying the font and text color.  Images can be uploaded or a placeholder can be included for images to be pasted or drawn after printing.

Once your student’s work is ready to go to press — just print!

The ReadWriteThink Printing Press is a valuable tool for DIY Homeschool moms who want to keep them writing!

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