Free Rhyming Tool

Free Rhyming Tool

Free Rhyming Tool
Looking for that perfect word to fit your line of verse? Try Rhymer from WriteExpress, a free online rhyming dictionary.

You type in the word you wish to rhyme and select the type of rhyming pattern:

  • End rhymes — final vowel sound and final consonant(s).
  • Last syllable rhymes.
  • Double rhymes — same vowel sound in second-to-last syllable and following sounds.
  • Beginning rhymes — same initial consonants and vowel sounds.
  • First syllable rhymes — same vowel sounds preceding the first syllable break.

Rhymer will then provide a list of rhyming options fitting your criteria.

This tool is not only useful for poetry study, but also for those students who are learning about vowel families.