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“How Homeschooling Has Benefited My Life”

We have added an article by Christopher Wuehler, homeschool graduate, to our Still On The Fence? page.

In the article, which originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Mr. Wuehler explains how he was benefited by homeschooling — particularly in the areas of “life skills, job and workforce experiences, a Godly foundation, ministry outreaches, and higher education opportunities.”

It is always a boost to homeschool parents to hear that our graduates think homeschooling was worth it.

With homeschooling, there are no limits. One can acquire a Godly foundation, minister to others, learn basic life skills, become familiar with the workforce, and soar academically. Countless numbers of people have been able to experience these things, and I myself am witness to the tremendous empowerment of homeschooling. So instead of asking myself, “How has homeschooling benefited my life?” I prefer to ask myself, “How hasn’t homeschooling benefited my life?”

Christopher Wuehler, How Homeschooling Has Benefited My Life

Read the full article.

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