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Clocks and Time {Free Unit}

Clocks and Time {Free Unit}

Clocks and Time {Free Unit}

We have always enjoyed units from Karen Caroe and Clocks and Time looks like a fun way to learn about something that is so important to us each day.

Subject areas covered include Bible, language arts, math, history, science, geography, art and music.  There are many possibilities for rabbit trails, and a variety of related topic such as genealogy, leap years and historical calendars.

The unit study planning sheet recommended is no longer available.  But you can get an idea of how it looked by visiting the Internet archive.

Further Investigation

Clocks…Teaching Time
Good general resource for teaching clocks and time.  See left sidebar for a variety of information and activities.

Telling Time
Explanation of how to tell time including interactive practice problems at the bottom.

How to Convert Military Time to Civilian
Explanation of how to convert from military to 12-hour time.

Roman Numerals
Explanation for using Roman numerals with a Roman numeral converter.

Why We Have a Change in Seasons
(You may want to install an ad blocker before viewing.)


Newton’s Apple: Clocks
Activities that go along with the show, but stand alone just fine.  Includes making a water clock.

Finding Fractions of Times
Worksheet for becoming familiar with terms such as quarter-hour and half-past.

Important Words for Times and Dates
Worksheet on words we use discussing time such as century, leap year, and decade.

Add and Subtract Times
Explanation and worksheet from BBC.

Telling Time Worksheet Generator
Create your own worksheets.

How to Make a Sundial
Instructions from Sky and Telescope.


Mathematical Geography by Willis E. Johnson
Covers longitude and time, circumnavigation and time, the earth’s revolution, time and the calendar, and seasons for older students.

The Real Mother Goose
Contains “The Mouse and the Clock,” “Ten O’Clock Scholar” and “Thirty Days Hath September.”

Units & Lesson Plans

Gregorian Calendar
Unit study that includes more clocks and time helps.

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