“Practicing Controlled Creativity” — Delight-Directed

One of the problems some have with pursing a delight-directed approach to educating our children is the lack of structure. But allowing our children time to pursue their own interests, while developing their talents and gifts, does not have to be (and should not be) without restraint and our guidance.

We must encourage our children in their creative growth, but not by setting them free in as many directions as they want to go all at once. Instead, we must allow them pursue what they are able to handle with self-control.

Janine Petry, Home Educating Family Magazine

We have added Practicing Controlled Creativity, a Home Educating Family Magazine article by Janine Petrym, to our Delight-Directed Approach page.

The article offers five tips for continuing to guide and prepare our children while allowing them to develop their interests. This is a nice reminder of the balance we always seek in a home educating environment.

Under parental supervision, support and guidance, the child is given the time and space to investigate and explore his interests. By providing the materials and applying the educational tools of learning (reading, writing, arithmetic, reason) to the subject matter, the parent can encourage the child to acquire knowledge for himself.

The Delight-Directed Approach