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4 Favorite Science Suppliers

4 Favorite Science Suppliers

4 Favorite Science Suppliers

Wondering where to get DIY compatible science tools? Try one of our 4 favorite science suppliers!

We tend to get a bit formal when it comes to science. There are full science programs complete with “textbooks” reaching down to the first grade level. Our young children certainly need to be exposed to nature and the wonders of science. The best way to whet the appetite for formal science in the later years is by encouraging exploration and scientific curiosity in the younger years.

In fact, one science-minded homeschool dad goes so far as to say that the science learned even in high school is not really science — unless you have the math to back it up. In the meantime, kids’ scientific interests can be encouraged and fed with hands-on activities and kits, and informative books.

If you are looking for ways to perk up your child’s scientific curiosity, you’ll find kits, activities and supplies for every scientific interest at one of our 4 favorite science suppliers:


Always a favorite, they have been around for over 20 years previewing, testing and recommending those gems children really enjoy. Their wide variety of kits have always been a hit in our home.

Nature’s Workshop Plus

With such a variety of science and nature offerings, their catalog is a DIY Homeschool Mom’s science smorgasbord. We have always been pleased with the wealth of hand-picked offerings. Our favorite for all things nature.

Edmund Scientifics

Beginning business in 1942 as the Edmund Salvage Company catering to hobbyists, Edmunds is “THE source for unusual science activities, toys, gifts, and demonstrations. Science hobbyists and engineering enthusiasts around the world know that Edmund Scientific is the place to feed their ideas and inventions.”

From odd lenses to small motors, we have always found items to spur curiosity at Edmunds!

Home Science Tools

They opened in 1994 with the intent to “provide families and schools with the tools they need to give their children and students a better science education.” Not only do they offer all types of projects and kits, you’ll also find science kits for prepared curriculum if you decide to go the more formal route. We have been particularly pleased with their selection of microscopes.

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