Homeschooling for Eternity

Homeschooling for Eternity by Skeet Savage encourages us to become intentional as homeschoolers.

This book has not been written by or about the perfect homeschooling family.  Rather, it contains the simple testimony and practical advice of a veteran homeschooling single mother who successfully raised six children as she invested her life in full-time service to the Lord while trusting Him to provide for their needs and hold their family together against enormous odds.  It was written for those who would like to homeschool but think they can’t, “because….”  It was written for those who have homeschooled for several (even many) years, yet have somehow lost their vision and focus — maybe even having become so discouraged that they have completely forgotten why they ever thought they wanted to homeschool their children in the first place!

Skeet Savage, Homeschooling for Eternity

So what does it mean to homeschool with an eye on eternity?

  • To measure ourselves by God’s standards instead of each other.
  • To lay down fear and step out in His ways.
  • To break out of the bondage of the world’s ways and provide our children with His perfect provision.
  • To be committed to the Biblical model of discipleship and move away from the world’s ideas of education.
  • To develop faithful servants for the Lord moving forward in His wisdom.
  • To draw near to God and rely less on human affirmation.
  • To lay down our lives and speak love in truth.
  • To follow God’s order for the home with wholehearted submission.
  • To diligently seek Him and let Him order our steps.
  • To trust the Word of God and keep the hearts of our children.
  • To really know our children and lead them as we closely follow Christ.
  • To rely on a “God-inspired, God-motivated, God-driven, God-directed and God-blessed” homeschooling environment that brings glory to Him.
  • To make sure our academic goals are “Biblically defined and supported, and Spiritually inspired.”
  • To take only His burden upon ourselves rather than becoming encumbered with too many pulls from too many directions.
  • To put the home back in homeschool and be home-focused as we train our children, while reaching outward with Christ’s love to others.
  • To listen to the Lord and remove from ourselves those things that would displease Him.
  • To act in the power of God in humility.
  • To provide our children with a real-life education that accepts “to live is to learn.”
  • To live and walk in conviction and obedience.
  • To trust the Lord for the outcome.

Homeschooling for Eternity is homeschooling from the eyes of a true veteran who has walked the walk and is taking the time to teach those following behind — something rare and very needed.  Skeet Savage, publisher of Home School Digest, can address your fears, concerns, needs, and burdens because she has been there and can draw on her own experiences raising and homeschooing six children as a single mother.

Socialization?  It’s in there.  Overwhelmed?  It’s in there.  Problems with the authorities?  Yep.  Fears? Trials? Alone? Weak? Financial issues?  All covered.

As I looked at my own fully-grown and mature children, I smiled inwardly as I recalled my own deep feelings of inadequacy, as the young mother of those wee toddlers so many years ago.  How often I had looked at them then and wondered if I could really count on the promise of Proverbs 22:6 — especially knowing how often I, myself, failed to reach the mark of God’s standard.  As I pondered these things, the years seemed to pass before me as if on a screen – just as clearly as if it were only yesterday — and I absolutely marveled at the goodness and faithfulness of our God for all that He has brought us through and accomplished in our lives (1 Kings 8:56)!

Skeet Savage, Homeschooling for Eternity

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