Review: What Your Child Needs to Know When

When you are pulling together an individualized education for each child, you need an organizing framework, a method of evaluating where your child is, and a resource to help you develop guidelines to meet his needs. What Your Child Needs to Know When by Robin Sampson, author of the Heart of Wisdom unit studies, is a tool for accomplishing just that.

The checklists are here: evaluation checklists for Bible, language arts, mathematics, science, social science and state history for each grade level from K–8. These checklists reflect what is typically taught in each grade for each subject.

A scope and sequence at its most useful provides stepping stones from one skill to the next. The typical sequence in curriculum today is one of visiting a subject, scratching the surface and waiting until the next year to scratch a bit more.  As a tutor, you have the advantage of knowing when your child may be ready for a particular level of study. Children can learn at their own pace, waiting until they are ready to start and delving in until the topic is exhausted. Using the information and checklists provided in this book, you can easily determine where your child is and where he needs to go next.

The best part is you are not only buying checklists, but pages and pages of helpful information including the history of education and worldviews, a look at state achievement tests, and incorporating “heart” into your educational pursuits.