Grandma Moses {Review & Go-Alongs}

Grandma Moses {Review & Go-Alongs}

Grandma Moses {Review & Go-Alongs}
Ever since she watched her father paint pictures on the living-room walls, Anna Mary Robertson wanted to paint. But there never seemed to be enough time. There were chores to tend to, families to work for, a husband to help, a family to raise and a farm to run. So it wasn’t until she was 67 that Anna Mary Robertson Moses found time for her artwork.

Finally she could show people the many happy memories she had gathered over a lifetime, and they could see the world through her eyes.

And what a lifetime it was. Grandma Moses was five years old when President Abraham Lincoln was shot; and President John F. Kennedy sent her a birthday note in 1961, the year she died at the age of 101.

Grandma Moses by Alexandra Wallner is a picture book that sweetly captures the simplicity and modesty of a revered artist whose colorful country scenes of long-ago days touched the heart of the public. While written for younger children, the entire family will enjoy Wallner’s story and quaint illustrations.

After reading the book, you’ll want to enjoy Grandma Moses’ original works. You might also enjoy adding a page to your art study notebook.


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Unit Study

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Notebooking Pages

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